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What a greedy napper





UPDATE: MMC’s California Mug

So, the mug was not stolen by Shirky. It was in the cabinet above the sink.

The boy was not in the balloon. He was hiding in the attic.

Call off the search!falcon

Incident #3

A concerned ITP student wrote CSSMM today, hoping we could help perform a little social justice. Yes, that’s right, folks. ANOTHER mug has gone missing from the 4th floor of 721 Broadway, aka Clay Shirky‘s Batcave.

Michael Martinez-Campos, writes the following:

here’s the case: My coffee mug has gone missing. It has the California state flag, a pic of a brown bear with the words California Republic written underneath. Haven’t seen it for a week. And I bought the damn thing to ward off homesickness.

Do your magic, Sarah!

The bottom of the mug had the cryptic letters ‘MMC’ written on the bottom.

The image on the mug:


Now, we’re not saying Shirky stole this mug. We’re just saying a mug went missing within feet of Shirky’s office. It’s easy to write this off as more Shirky thievery, but could there be a copycat on the loose?

You can help! Obviously, if you see this mug, please return it to its rightful, homesick owner. If you see Clay Shirky, check his hands. Is he holding a mug with this California flag on it? If you are in Clay Shirky’s office, look around. Do you see any mugs? Use that camera phone. Be sneaky. We know you can do it.

Send in your tips. We’re going to catch this predator.

The Clay Shirky mug saga in comic form

Eric and Poram created a graphic interpretation of the email thread from the ITP student list that started all of this madness.

Each image is its own .jpg, so I’m just going to link to Eric’s blog. Check it out. Seriously. It’s genius.


People are already taking precautions:

sea bass's mug

Another incident

Yesterday, October 15, Fiona Daniels lost a white mug on the 4th floor of 721 Broadway. Earlier that day, Clay Shirky was spotted clutching a white mug during his Design for UNICEF class. Since Fiona’s name is written on the bottom of her white mug, it was not immediately obvious to onlookers that Shirky had struck again. But we here at CSSMM headquarters know to always be wary when it comes to Clay and mugs.

The mug in question:Fiona's mug