Is your mug missing?

If your mug is missing, chances are Clay Shirky stole it. If you see Clay Shirky holding a mug, chances are it was stolen.

What people are saying about Clay Shirky stealing mugs:

“The number of times Clay uses your mug goes to zero to a first order approximation.”

“what’s really amazing, when you think about it, is that this mug search would never have happened ten years ago.  the tools were there, just not enough incentive for the guardians of those tools to use them to find a solitary mug somewhere on the floor.  if 10,000 mugs are lost on the itp floor, well that’s a different story.”

What you can do: If you see Clay Shirky with a mug, photograph it. Email said photograph to Sarah, noting the time, date and place of the instance. It will be posted on this blog in hopes that the rightful mug owner will become aware of the theft and be able to reclaim the property.



2 responses to “Is your mug missing?

  1. [posting anonymously for fear of shirkyite retribution]

    i saw CS clutching a mug on friday. i don’t know if it was your mug, but he certainly coddled it in an unsavory fashion…i could just imagine him having acquired it through ill-gotten means.

    we should all be on the watch for this man’s disturbing affinity for stout-handled porcelain chalices. i, for one, welcome the public scrutiny of this social media overlord.

  2. And this statistic is astonishing. Every 15 seconds, a dolphin’s fin is chopped off by a mug once stollen by Clay Shirky. astonishable!

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